Private Money Lending is an exciting and profitable opportunity that offers investors the ability to passively generate income at high rates of return, with little or no risk. It is a perfect fit for a diverse investment portfolio looking to safely and consistently grow and preserve money at above average rates of return. Become your own Bank! Earn Money Lending.


If your desire is to Buy, Fix, and Flip Real Estate in today’s market with the help of a partner, then the Joint Venture Program is for you . Whether you are new to the game of real estate and want to learn and earn direct with the Pro’s, or you are a knowledgeable & sophisticated investor who needs to earn respectable returns without having to find your own deals.


If you heard you could make bundles of cash buying distressed properties, you heard right! The Money Management Program is intended for investors who want to earn big profits buying direct from Foreclosure Auctions, Tax Deed Sales, or OFF MARKET Distressed Houses. The Money Management Program is reserved for the most intelligent, daring, and entrepreneurial.

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  • Earn Money Lending is composed of a small group of highly experienced and incredibly successful Real Estate Investors and Money Managers
  • We have firmly established a rock solid reputation by participating in hundreds of successful and profitable Real Estate closings and partnerships, whereby we have  bought, sold, and brokered well over 300 properties since 2011, comprising close to 50 million dollars in sales.
  • We are Florida’s Trusted Source for SafeHigh Yield Investments, Money Management, & Investment Real Estate!